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5 Easy Mother’s Day Crafts for Kids

Over time, I’ve come to mark the days and months of the year by whatever holiday or birthday is coming next.  When I do this, I tend to fully immerse myself within the occasion, giving little focus to whatever may be coming next.  This week, I’m gearing up for my youngest child’s birthday (He’s 3 in 3 days!!), and every year, as his big day approaches, it hits me…

“Mother’s Day is soon!!  Like, it’s right THERE, and I haven’t even started planning yet!!” 

It seems crazy that I’d be surprised by this every year, but I guarantee that you’ll find me scrambling next week!

To get in the spirit of Mother’s Day love, here’s a look at some fun crafts that your kids can do for both moms and grandmas alike:

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 Now, I stink at horticulture, but every Spring has me believing I really can do it this year!  For those with green thumbs (& those with black!), these pots from Moms Always Find Out are absolutely adorable, easy, and in my case, they just might help me to grow flowers that don’t die this year!

 This next craft is one that I can totally picture my oldest doing.  We were actually just joking around the other day about the whole “Wow.  Mom.” thing, but it really is true.  Moms are absolutely “WOW” in every way!  Thank you, Easy Preschool Craft!


 Oh my gosh, how easy and great is this?  I love gifts that you’re able to keep front and center long after they’re opened.  Otherwise, they somehow wind up finding their way to the bottom of the sock drawer, as much as we don’t want or mean them to! The Idea Room gets me.  They really, really get me!

 I Heart Crafty Things is another one who gets me!  I’m just saying, if my kids want to give me superhero chocolate bars for Mother’s Day, I’m all in!

  Here’s another front-and-center type of gift.  I feel like it’d be a great way to love on your child every time you saw it!  And too, I’m loving the battery operated candle (#firesafety)!  Such a great idea all around, I Heart Arts and Crafts!


 And there you have it:  5 super crafty (& easy) Mother’s Day crafts for kids!  I think my two favorite things about each of these crafts is their originality and how incredibly easy they are to make!  Let’s face it, as parents, we’re automatically busy people.  So, if I can give a thoughtful gift that is also simple to create, I’m all about it!

What crafts will your kids be doing for Mother’s Day this year?  Leave me a note or link to a favorite pin in the comments!  I’d love to hear (& gather ideas!)

Still looking for more Mother’s Day crafts for kids?  You can find them here on my board.


*Featured image by EvgeniT via Pixabay



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