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5 Easy St. Patty’s Crafts For Artsy Parents

Yesterday we tackled crafts for kids.  All week, in fact, we’ve put a St. Patrick’s Day focus on the kids and happily so!  It’s just so rewarding to do things for them, am I right?

I think it’s time now, though, to ask this all important question:  “When do the grown-ups get to have some of their own grown-up fun?!”

In honor of all hard-working parents out there, this one’s for you!

This week’s series is wrapping up with FIVE of my favorite (&quick) crafts for us big people!  Normally, I’d just rather kick my feet up when I have that spare second, but all of these are just so fast, easy, and rewarding, that I think they’re worth the effort!  I have a feeling that you will too!

 While my eyes may gravitate to that fabulously gigantic bowl of chocolate coins in the middle of this pin below, we’re really here to discuss the jelly beans!  I mean, come on, guys…we’ve so got this!  Jelly beans?  Check!  Glass bowl?  Check!  You get the idea!  It’s like no sooner do you start this craft and BAM! DONE!  Granted, that is a lot of jelly beans, but I’m pretty sure you could just stick a filler in the middle there, pour the beans all around it, and call it a day!  Thank you, Pampered Chef, for this awesome idea!


 Because I love you, I give you another craft that is even easier than the one before! (and now you love me, right?!).  Grab those old boots that no one has worn in years, stick some planters in them, and pat yourself on the back, because your work is done here!  Wonderful World…we love it!  Thank you for making us seem crafty in no time at all!


 Continuing on with the theme of “easy crafting”, I bring you this adorable little leprechaun hat from Life in Wonderland!  If you’re hosting a party this weekend, you might want to consider the place card idea they suggest too…So, so cute!


 When I first saw this wind catcher craft, I fell in love with it!  I mean, it’s so bright and pretty, how could I not?  When I looked a little more closely at it, I loved it even more!  See that rainbow right there?  At first, I thought it was pieces of fabric sewn together (…cue heart sinking because I do not sew!), but no…NO, my friends, that rainbow?  It’s a paper towel roll!!  For me, this means, I can do this!  Maybe you too don’t know how to sew, or maybe you do.  Either way, this project just got a whole lot easier!!  Thank you, Crafty Morning, for giving us such a great craft!


 I’ve gotta hand it to This Grandma is Fun (and she really is!), these jars are just so great!  They’re beautifully simple.  They’re clean.  They’re easy, and they’re everything I could ask for in a craft!

 Alright, guys, that’s it!  Our St. Patrick’s Week is done! 

Thank you so much for joining me on this little St. Patty’s journey!  If you missed any of this week’s St. Patrick’s Day posts, I leave you with these below.

If you put any of these posts into action, or if you’ve got an idea of your own that you’d just like to share, leave me a note in the comments!

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Still looking for the right craft that suits you?  You might find something you like on my St. Patty’s Crafts board!



**Featured image by darkmoon1968 via Pixabay

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