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Because You’re Never Too Old For Mom…

I’m cannot tell a  lie, I still want my Mom like all the time!  She’s my best friend, my confidante, and my straight shooter, always telling it like it is when no one else dares to.  She’s fun, she’s crazy energetic, and her optimism and enthusiasm for life is equally matched by her loyalty, faith, and ferociously hard work ethic.
Bottom line, you want this woman in your corner!!
With that said, there are definite times in my life when I need that woman ASAP…and after my recent match in the ring this week with a small bout of food poisoning, I couldn’t help but think of those moments when I’ve needed her most.
Here are just a few:

When I’ve had a bad day.  I really don’t know how she does it, but she always knows exactly what to say and when to say it.  I can’t think of even one time when I’ve gone to her with my troubles and I haven’t walked away feeling better.

When I’m sick.  There’s nothing like aching bones and a fever to make you want that tender-loving care of Mom, but there’s nothing that makes you appreciate what you had as a kid more than when you have that fever and aching body as a mom.  No longer are you able to pamper yourself like you once did or even lie on the couch for longer than a heartbeat!  Not when you’ve got a diaper that needs changing, hungry kids, and laundry multiplying by the second!  Time to rally, folks!  Time to rally while realizing how good you really had it back then…how did we not see that as kids?!
When my heart has been broken.  Oh yes, in my years, I’ve suffered many a broken heart.  My mom has given advice, she’s listened, she’s cried right along with me, and she’s taken me out for a nice glass of red…My saddest times with others, in many ways, gave root to some of my sweetest memories with her!
The weeks following the births of each of my children.  Exhausted, elated, confused, delightful, moody, confident, uncertain, and of course, totally sleep deprived.  Us mothers have felt all of this and more…but, no matter where the roller coaster has taken me, my mom has always had my back!  Provider of meals, and my ticket to much needed rest and showers, there is nothing my mom wouldn’t do to help make the transition of a new addition to the family even just a little bit smoother.
The delivery room.  Yup, for both of my kids, she was in there! (Update:  For all three of my kids, she was in there!) For me, this is not the time for earning Bravery Badges for non-medicated deliveries (though I applaud all who do…& who don’t!)…or for bravado about how it was all done whilst knitting a quilt during contractions to pass the time…  I’m not going to sugar coat it.  “I want my Mom, and I want her now!”, is what I said then and it’s what’d I’d say again if God chose to bless us with another!  She knows when to speak, what to say, and how to say it…I don’t know how she knows but I promise you, she does!  Oh, and the doctors?  They don’t stand an evasive chance when she’s around!  She gets to the bottom of all things and  charms the socks off of even the most severely bedside mannered!  Seriously, you may want to consider her if you’re going into labor soon!

In all my triumphs and losses, my highs and lows…whether life is overwhelmingly exciting or painfully dull, I’m just always going to want my Mom.  Because no matter how old I may get, that little girl inside of me is there, reaching out a hand to her and needing her, much the same way my  little one reaches her hand out to me and needs me now.

Kay Kathleen

I write about my life's core: Jesus & my faith, my family, and the struggles I have met along the way. I figure...I hope...that if exposing my life and it's lessons learned can encourage even one person, this blog and all the hours I have spent behind this computer will have been more than worth it.

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