So, I saw an old classmate outside of the chiropractor’s office today…It’s closing in on 30 years since we last saw each other and, I shudder to say it (because I am normally not this kind of person), I was totally mortified by my own appearance!

Ever been there?

Let me just paint the picture for you…

My youngest and I dropped my daughter off at school and then headed clear across town to this appointment.  When I say that it usually looks like I’ve just dragged myself out of bed, I’m not kidding.  Today is shower day (woo woo), but that hadn’t happened yet…I’m in sweats because, well…chiropractor’s appointment, people…and my hair…well, unless I take a shower, my hair pretty much looks crazy (think Officer “Ponch” from CHiPS…the old school one).  Anyways, should these things matter?  No.  No they should not, but as I stood there looking at this guy who, for starters, was actually dressed for the day, I couldn’t help but wish I could crawl under a rock until he went along his way.

This got me thinking for the rest of the day though, and it also got me browsing through old classmates’ profiles on Facebook.

Now, I’m rarely on Facebook for anything other than my blog, but there I was, taking in profile after profile of people I haven’t thought of for decades, in most cases.  As I started to glimpse at my classmates’ profiles, I also started to feel pretty darn inadequate.

Does this ever happen to any of you?

I mean, these people…these classmates of mine…they’re star athletes completing IronMan competitions…

They’re singers…actual, successful, book them in a venue, type singers…

They’re any number of things, but they are all so seemingly successful. 

Yeah, Facebook is dangerous…and, even though I know these are mere perceptions….even though I know that these people too have real genuine problems and real genuine fears and setbacks in life, just like I do, I still wound up clicking that “log out” button and thinking “Man…they’ve all done so much more than me”.

But you know, that’s just not true.

Yes, okay, there is the case of the IronMan athlete that is also featured in Runner’s World and a doctor and a mom of two (seriously?!), but God has reminded me that no matter how incredible that woman may be, she would not be able to fill my shoes.  She could never be the mother to my kids like I can (nor could I be the mom to hers!)…she could never know how to comfort them the way that I know…she wouldn’t know what foods are their favorites or the best way to break the news that they’ve recently been scheduled for flu shots…Nope, she just couldn’t do it.

See, the key here is that God didn’t just create me…He chose me as well…

…to be the mom to specifically these three amazing kids…

…to be the wife to exactly this amazing man of mine.

So, while I may not ever stand on a medal platform after an IronMan competition or upon a stage in front of thousands, that does not make my job, my mission, my purpose in this life any less important.

I have been chosen by God…created by God…designed by God…for a very specific reason, and that is something I can firmly plant my feet upon.

I have another chiropractor’s appointment coming up in a couple of days.  I cannot lie…I may try to brush my hair a little more nicely or put on some eye liner (who am I kidding), just in case I run into my classmate again, but I feel like inside I can remember what I’ve learned here today…that no matter what you or I or any of us do, we are all children of God.  We all have a purpose and a reason for our lives.

So, if you find yourself in the same predicament as I did today, don’t you ever forget:

…No matter how well others may seem to have their lives together…

…The only one that is capable of doing your life and doing it well is you. 

You have been created…

You have been chosen…

You have a purpose that God has designed specifically you for…and there is no medal out there that anyone could earn that can ever or will ever take that away from you.


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