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Double-Chocolate Oreo Cookie Recipe  

There’s a birthday in the family this week, and I couldn’t be any more excited about it!!

It also means that I couldn’t be any busier!

Busy or not though, each member of this family (baby included) has a pretty major sweet tooth that needs some attention…and usually by way of chocolate!!

So what to do when my time and energy needs to be spent elsewhere and not on dessert making?  Here’s what my girl and I came up with yesterday, and we couldn’t be any more satisfied with its delicious results!!
Double-Chocolate Oreo Cookies:
1 1/2 – 2 c chocolate chips
2-3 tbsp milk
1 package Oreo-type cookies (We use the Who-Nu brand.  They’re way healthier & since no one around here can tell the difference, why wouldn’t we?!)
If you’ve got a microwave, this whole process for you just got even easier, but since we do not have one at our house, let’s just take the old-fashioned route, shall we?
Dump the chocolate chips into a saucepan, and add the milk.  I eyeballed the amount, but you’re going to want just enough milk in there to cover the bottom of the saucepan and help those chocolate chips get to melting!  If you find you’ve added too much milk, just add more chocolate really can’t lose here, if you ask me!  (Update:  This method can be hit or miss and, if you try to add more cold milk, there will be clumping of chocolate.  Likely the easiest method, if you don’t have a microwave, is to use a double broiler.)
Once you have achieved a creamy, smooth texture (also known as liquid gold around here!), remove the saucepan from the stove and get those cookies ready!
Prep your cookie dipping area with aluminum foil/parchment paper underneath a cooling rack.  You’ll need something underneath the rack for sure, so you can catch the chocolate drips later (yeah, see if you can refrain from indulging in some of those delightful drips later..I couldn’t!)
Next, you simply
Then place your cookie on the cooling rack.
Once all the cookies have been dipped, place them in the refrigerator (aluminum foil/parchment paper and all) for at least 1 hour, in order to help the chocolate harden.
These are already a household favorite for me and mine…
…and so simple!!
It just goes to show you don’t need to get all complicated in order to satisfy!
Make them.
Enjoy them.
And may your sweet tooth be fulfilled!

What about you?  What’s your quick and easy sweets recipe that you go to when you don’t have time to bake?

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