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Easy Homemade Tortilla Recipe  

In the last year, I’ve really gotten my family following after a much simpler way of living.  The types of things we buy at the store now are drastically different from just even 6 months ago.

We’ve gone from store-bought shampoo to homemade.  Same with toothpaste, hand soap, laundry detergent (that recipe is up for debate still, but here’s another I totally love) and dish detergent.

Our first switch was with the shampoo, and I’ve gotta tell ya, this change in lifestyle is addictive.  Once you start to simplify, you start looking for another way, and another, and another.

I love knowing what’s in the products we use. 
I love that it’s healthy 
and safe 
and made by my own hands. 

Anyways, all this simplifying has eventually sneaked its way into my kitchen, where sandwich bread and granola bars have made it into the mix as well.  But the simplest of all has been these fantastically quick and easy homemade tortillas!

Seriously, look at these puppies…
don’t they look delish?

I mean, I guess as delicious as tortillas get to lookin’!

So the recipe for these homemade tortillas…

It’s another goodie from Pinterest…Simple.  To the point.  I like!3 cups flour
1 tsp salt
1 tsp baking powder
1/3 cup oil
1 cup warm waterPreheat your griddle…the hotter the better with these puppies.

Measure out the flour, salt, and baking powder and combine with a fork.
Pour in the oil and warm water and mix.  I usually start mixing it up with a fork (wire whisk isn’t worth it, if you ask me..it’s so sticky at this point that you wind up spending valuable time picking the pieces off the whisk itself!).
Once it’s mixed enough, I get in there with my hands and knead the dough…Nothing crazy like with bread or pizza dough..just enough to form a dough ball.  If the dough is still sticky, sprinkle a little more flour in there and voila, you’ve got homemade tortilla dough!
Next, start breaking off pieces (I usually half the dough into two balls and then half those, etc until the dough ball fits in the palm of my hand).  Next, roll them out nice and thin with a rolling pin on a floured surface.  I usually end up with about 10.
Heat them up on your griddle, flipping over after a few minutes once they puff a little.
That’s it!  Easy, right?
My girl and I make these all the time, and we have a blast!
Now, if only I could figure out a way to keep her from eating these homemade tortillas before they find their way to the griddle!!

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I write about my life's core: Jesus & my faith, my family, and the struggles I have met along the way. I figure...I hope...that if exposing my life and it's lessons learned can encourage even one person, this blog and all the hours I have spent behind this computer will have been more than worth it.

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