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Favorite Blog of the Month – Calm & Courageous

It’s so hard to believe that February has both come and also nearly gone (though, I can’t say I’m sad…I love the Spring)!  With the end of this month in sight, I’ve decided to close it out with a new edition to the blog.

Allow me to introduce…

Favorite Blog of the Month!

The idea behind this is simple:  If they’ve inspired me, if they’ve helped me, if they’ve helped to bring a change in my life in some way, I’ll be featuring them here at the end of each month.  I’m super excited about this and very eager to kick this off!

So, without further ado…February’s Favorite Blog of the Month is 

Calm and Courageous!

So, what’s so great about this site anyway?

While they do not seem to be active at the moment, their website is filled with an enormous wealth of knowledge directed specifically toward those that have been struggling with fear and anxiety.  I have to say, ever since my anxiety decided to kick into overdrive, I have visited so many websites in a quest for answers and hope, but none…let me repeat that….NONE…have come anywhere close to providing peace and answers quite like Calm and Courageous!

Truly, it’s been a Godsend, and I really do mean that.

God led me to this page when I needed it the most.

I needed answers to my very weird and scary questions.

I needed to have someone that could relate to exactly where I was and tell me that I’m not crazy. 

I needed to see it spelled out very plainly for me.  That’s just what I got with Calm and Courageous!

Now, again, I’m very sad to say that he has not been active on his sight for nearly a year now, but believe me when I tell you, there is enough information there to get you started and to hopefully stop the horrific loop of anxiety for you too.

What should I read when I’m there?

This guy’s site is very easy to navigate, but here are a few of my favorites:

Don’t believe your lies – This post takes anxiety and slaps it in the face!  Hugo (the blog’s author) addresses common lies we believe in our anxiety, sheds light on what they really are, and strikes a debilitating blow to anxiety in the process!

Stop caring about anxiety by learning to let go of your thoughts – So, you’ve decided it’s time to let go of your anxiety, but then terror strikes, because you realize you don’t know how!  This post will help you along your way.

How long does it take to recover from anxiety – In the middle of my most anxious moments, moments where I’ve felt like I was flailing in a sea of darkness, I’ve absolutely asked this question.  As Hugo addresses, the answer is not so black and white, but the picture that he paints in the process is incredibly encouraging.

Are you hypersensitive to your anxiety?  It’s time to stop checking how you feel – Oh my gosh, I’m so guilty of this.  I check everything!  I check if my body is feeling healthy, I check if I’m feeling anxious (and you know what happens when you do that!), I check if my thoughts are positive, I check if I’m feeling free, I check, check check!  Obviously, this is not a healthy habit and does not lead to good places!  Hugo explains here about how to stop the cycle!

Anxiety, going crazy, losing your mind and ending up insane – This was among the first I read, and it literally changed everything for me (all thanks to God!).  If you struggle with this hellish fear, I highly recommend you start here!

As far as content, I’ve really only hit the tip of the iceberg, and I’ve much, much more to read!  If you are struggling with anxiety in any way whatsoever, please consider a visit over to Calm and Courageous.  You might find exactly the help you were needing through these posts!

If any of his articles do help you, let me know in the comments!  If I haven’t given them a once over already, I’d love to go check them out myself!


**Featured image by geralt via Pixabay

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