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Five Years of Coffee Anniversaries

Five Years of Coffee Anniversaries

So, I can’t believe it, but my husband and I just celebrated five years together since our very first date!

Each year we try to go to that little coffee shop of ours where we sat together for the first time at our little table…I still remember tearing my napkin to shreds that day as we spoke, and I was unable to calm my nerves.  It had been so long since I had even gone on a date, and the only thing that got me there (other than the grace of God!) were the words of my mother ringing in the back of my head:  “It’s only coffee!”  Soon after that, her words became:  “It’s only dinner!”, but it didn’t take long, for either of us to realize that there was nothing “only” at all about what we had here together…that we were chosen for each other by God Himself!

Oh that coffee shop!  Hands down, it’s one of my most favorite memories, and it’s one that gets built upon year after year after year.  We only get there once a year now, but it’s a a tradition I hope to carry on well into our extremely old age!

Anyways, as I was rushing around, it got me thinking about what a difference a few years can make!

Back then, for our first date, I was looking my finest….
Fast forward 5 years, and you’ve got a mother of two (2018 update: make that THREE!) still wanting to knock her guy’s socks off, but also staring the reality of house and home and two  three little ones squarely in the face.

Where, five years prior, I was well-dressed, my current life just has me excited to have at least taken a shower and brushed my teeth. (I know, GROSS, right?!  But I can’t be the first one to get into the afternoon hours and realize they forgot to do something!!).

What about you guys?  
What has changed for you since love and marriage?

Are you still laughing at all their jokes and carrying on witty conversation?

Are you able to stay coherent long enough after a day with the kids to give them that undivided attention? 

And, how are those legs, ladies?  Still smooth as a baby’s bottom?  (or are you covering them up under a fine layer of pants, even long after the weather calls for shorts?!)

I know that I have definitely let a few of the above slip a little (and I’m not saying which ones!), but I assure you, even when I am dog tired, even when I feel overwhelmed with life stuff, and things just aren’t so perfect…

….with ALL my heart,

So even if I may have not had a long enough window to shave…AGAIN…I can honestly say that this heart of mine only fits all the more perfectly into his since the day we sat down for that first cup of coffee.

Happy Anniversary, Baby…I’m so grateful that God has made me for you and you for me!


Credits – Photo by LoboStudioHamburg via Pixabay


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