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Graduation and Letting Go…  

Just yesterday, my son graduated from elementary school.

For those of you who have “been there”, you know how emotional this can be…

For those who are heading in that direction with your own,

I’d love to advise you to brace yourselves, 
but in all reality, there’s just no bracing for these things..

and, to be honest,
I don’t think I would want to…not for something like this,

because to brace myself would mean to hold back parts of my heart 
so I didn’t feel the emotional pangs of letting go, 
and I don’t ever want to do that.  
I’m “all in” with this love!

I am still grappling to understand how my baby is already moving up to middle school…and I am floored on a near-daily basis over the realization that he really is moving further and further away from that baby boy I once held in my arms and yet, at the same time, not at all.

It is hard to come to terms with that and even harder to accept that there’s nothing I can do about it except let him go and make the most of every possible opportunity I have been given to be with him.

So, I’ve basically been an emotional blubber of tears these past few weeks…there’s no denying that!

 I’m so proud, so grateful, so honored, so blessed to be his mom.  

…but it all is just going so quickly. 

I’d just like to hit the pause button once in a while 
so that I can absorb it all just a little bit more deeply before heading on.  

It seems like only yesterday that I was chasing after him while he learned to walk…ready to catch him at a moment’s notice.  Sometimes now, I feel like I’m running just to catch up, and I know that the day is coming soon where I’ll stop running altogether, catch my breath and sigh a bittersweet sigh over the realization that it’s time to let him go on his own.  Oh yes, I’ll still be there, of that you can be sure, and I know that he will always need me and I will always be there to catch him at a moment’s notice, but life is different now…the seasons, they change so quickly…and I just couldn’t be any prouder of this young man he is becoming.

I’ve already written him a his graduation letter, but in my heart calls another:

I’m so very proud of you…so amazed by who you already are and who you’re becoming…
I sure can’t stop you from growing up, nor would I want to, but let me tell you that this all is so much harder than I ever dreamed and yet so worth it.
Every day, I let go a little more, as I should, but every day I also love you more than all the other days combined.
I can’t wait to see all that you become…I can’t wait to cheer for you in your successes and cheer you on when the successes aren’t as forthcoming.  I have told you before, and I say it again:  You are my physical evidence of the Lord’s grace…my gift undeserved but granted all the same.
Thank you for the honor of being your mother…thank you for the privilege of knowing your life the way you have let me…
Follow the Lord’s Path…seek it out at all costs…even, and especially when it feels like everyone around you is walking in the opposite direction.  Some of your closest friends may fall and turn…but you, my love…keep pressing onward and forward toward His Kingdom, and surround yourself with godly influences to help you along your way, guarding your heart and your mind in Christ Jesus.
I love you, Poppy…
Congratulations again on this new chapter in your life…
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