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Healing Diastasis Recti: Update #2

It’s been a long, long while since my last Diastasis Recti & umbilical hernia update, and believe me, so much has happened since then!

Finding the Right Doctor

Before I even get into it, I feel like I need to stress just how important it is to have the best possible medical support in your corner.  If your current doctor doesn’t believe in you..  If they’re maybe a little negative, or not very optimistic, chances are, it’s time to find yourself a new doctor!

I can’t tell you how many times in the last three years:  “Tough it out”  “Power through”, “Everything looks just fine on the scans”…None of these speak of a doctor that is building you up in any way!

If you’re getting an inkling that your doctor is pretty much “done here”, pick yourself up, dust yourself off, and find a new doctor!  That’s exactly what I’ve done…9 times!  

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And Now the Update

This time last year, I was on doctor #7 for my back and working my best toward healing my diastasis recti.  Fast forward to the present day, and you’ll find me on doctor #9.  This doctor has been a completely different experience.  Not only did they look at the structural components of my back, but once my condition had stabilized (for the first time in nearly 3 years!), they moved on to the muscular components of my ribs and abdomen.

Side note:  If I’d stuck with doctor #7, I would still be dealing with spontaneous spasms and chronic pain.  Never ever give up on yourself, and find a doctor who won’t either!!  I never once thought that, through my chiropractor, I would find healing for my diastasis recti?!  That’s all God for sure!

What I Did Before

Before, I was incorporating various exercises from Physical Kitchness, Beyond Fit Mom, and Leah Keller (site seems to be down indefinitely, you can find her exercises in a pin mentioned in my previous post).  On the homeopathic end, I had also done a good deal of reading over at Joette Calabrese’s site and had incorporated homeopathy to my regimen.

The Results

While I was certainly making some strides from much of this, my healing routine has since drastically changed.  I am a firm believer in mixing things up, but more than that, my back had digressed to such a point that I needed to cease working on these things until given the all-clear by my doctor.

What I’m doing now

In my first post about healing Diastasis Recti, I mentioned the Mutu System program.  I have not purchased this program, to date, but I have adopted four of their exercises here.  If you clicked on the link, you’ll see there are 10 exercises listed, along with a video illustrating each exercise.  At this point, I have only done the first four.  My doctor has not cleared me for the rest.  For you guys, it’s also very important that you do not proceed to the final exercises until your “diastasis is two fingers or less, the connective tissue is firm and shallow and the abs can be activated without bulging” (per Mutu System guidance on this link).

Not sure how large the gap is in your abdominal wall?  This video will help you out:


Chiropractic Healing

For the last 7 months, I have been doing various exercises for my back on a stability ball.  While these have definitely assisted in my overall healing, let’s focus on what I’ve done for my diastasis.  For the last couple of weeks, my doctor has employed the Graston Technique on my abdominal wall.

It should most definitely be noted that, prior to beginning this technique, I was cleared by a gastroenterologist.

It is extremely important to be sure that there are no additional medical situations that need to be addressed.  Any herniation is better discovered prior to the Graston Technique!

Healing Results

Diastasis Recti

During my break from the Diastasis Recti exercises, I absolutely noticed a difference.  Abdominal tenderness reared its ugly head once again.

The take-away?

These exercises from my previous posts really do work (click here too)!  My abdomen was getting stronger, and the diastasis was definitely narrowing and the connective tissue firming up.  I still have tenderness in my lower left abdomen, especially when I cough, but I am confident that this too will resolve with time and the proper exercises.

It’s so frustrating to wait for clearance before proceeding with something that I know was working.  Even still, I know that it’s been the right move for me.  The frequency of my doctor appointments is thankfully starting to slow, and I’m able to do more and more all the time!

More to Come

I can’t wait to update everyone on the regimen I’ve been so very eager to sink my teeth back into!  Plus, I’ve got a few extra exercises coming your way that I’ve been working on over here.  I’m so excited for progress and new chapters!

What Has Worked For You?

What about you?  Have you struggled with Diastasis Recti?  What are some of the healing exercises that you’ve tried?  I’d love to hear about your journey!



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