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How to Be Organized!  

While that post title may be a little ambitious for me, I am motivated with my new whiteboard that I got from Walmart!  (No, I’m not being paid to advertise for them, but I figure, if it helps you, why not share?!)

Check it out:

I’ve got everything color-coded by child, so I can see at a glance, who’s got what to do!  While it’s still a work in progress, and not everything is even close to being listed here, it’s a start for me and a complete load off my shoulders with not having to remember absolutely everything for everyone all at once (even if I haven’t hung it up yet!)

What about you?  What’s your secret weapon of organization?  So far, for me, my weapon is this this whiteboard!

Want to know my most favorite part?  
Getting to erase the task when it’s all done!!
*Featured image by Sanja Gjenero via FreeImages

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