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Kindergarten. A letter for my Baby Girl..

My sweet Baby Girl,

This letter for you is really more of a letter for us both this time.

I feel desperate to write it before I forget…before the idea of you being in Kindergarten feels normal to me…before I forget how my heart jumped into my throat this morning as we approached your school and said goodbye for your first full day…our first full day apart.

I don’t want to forget the softness of your hair as I kissed the top of your head or the softness of your voice as you sadly told me, “Bye, Mommy.  I will miss you.”  I don’t want to forget how it felt to watch you walk through those doors and into the cafeteria for the first time without me.

We’ve been through so much together over these last five years…and while I’m so excited for you and for this new chapter you’ve just begun, I am also sad to see the old chapter come to a close.  I can’t wait to see the amazing you that I know you will be, but I also wasn’t quite so ready to let the “you” of these last five years be changed.

What a ride it’s been so far, hasn’t it?  I’ve loved each and every moment with you…each and every one of our walks…each and every hug and kiss and snuggle and nap…I’ve loved being the one who knows you best and am so SO grateful that that part can and will still continue on.

Thankfully, yes, while some chapters may be closing, so many others do still continue on.

I love knowing your own special language and the things that make you tick…

I love being able to make you laugh without ever saying a single word.  I love knowing what will upset you or delight you before it ever even happens…and while I know that there are more chapters ahead that too will someday close, I am grateful that the deepness of our relationship…this connection we surely have…will always continue on.

I love you, Baby girl.  May this next part of your journey be such a rewarding one.

May you rise above,

may you continue to design your own way just like you always have,

and may you never let anyone tell you who to be or what to think or how to live.

You be your own.

Let the good Lord lead you, and may you choose your surroundings to be ones that are filled with God’s gentle yet powerful influences.

Congratulations on this next step, Baby Girl…

I can’t wait to see you soar even higher than you already have…

Kay Kathleen

I write about my life's core: Jesus & my faith, my family, and the struggles I have met along the way. I figure...I hope...that if exposing my life and it's lessons learned can encourage even one person, this blog and all the hours I have spent behind this computer will have been more than worth it.

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