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5 Unique Mother’s Day Crafts for Grown-Ups

Even though we’re all grown up now, our moms will always love those crafty gifts that come straight from the heart.  I mean, no matter the age, there’s just nothing like receiving a gift from your child that has a lot of thought and love put into, am I right?

With Mother’s Day just around the corner, here’s a peek at five unique crafts that us grown up kids can love on our moms with:

  May as well knock this out of the park on the first swing…A picture of a picture of a picture!  So cool!  I hope my mom doesn’t read this before Mother’s Day because this one is WAY high on my list!   This idea comes from Moose Photography, who appear to be on maternity leave at the moment (aww, Happy Mother’s Day to them!).

  This next one I’ve yet to try myself, but I absolutely love the idea of a DIY pallet sign!  Not Too Shabby Darling has a great tutorial to get you started, and if you’re feeling at a loss for words, DIY Projects has 27 Mother’s Day quotes that would be perfect!

  Why not make Mom a Mother’s Day cake this year?…a spa cake, that is!!  While My List of Lists did not have the original link to this (and therefore the tutorial), I just feel like we’ve totally got this under control!  My List of Lists, thanks so much for finding this!

  For those Moms out there with green thumbs (or even those with challenged thumbs that are looking to give gardening a try) these garden markers by Playground Parkbench are simple, easy, and will last from year to year!  I super love these!!  Now, if I could only get my own garden to get past the seedling stage, I’d be all set!

  I Love to Create, this is exactly what I was looking for!!  For anyone with a gardener in their lives, this gift is absolutely perfect!  I love the whole idea of painting and decorating the clay pot, and the added touch of the gardening tools is just perfect!  What do you think, guys?  Could this be the “one” for Mom, or what?!

  So, there it is:  5 unique and totally fantastic gifts for those amazing moms in our lives!

Happy Mother's Day to each and every Mom out there! Hands down, you've got the hardest, most rewarding job there could ever be, and you are simply amazing at what you do! Click To Tweet

Still looking for more Mother’s Day ideas?  I’ve got four Boards filled with pins just for you!

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Got any ideas I need to know about?  Leave me a note or link in the comments!  I’d love to pin it to one of my Boards!

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  1. Great ideas for Mother’s Day! I just love the picture in a picture and the DIY sign.

    1. Yeah those are among my favorites! Hard to pick which one I’ll be doing!

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