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Organizational Improvements and Those Crazy Apples Not Falling Far From the Tree…  

I’ve been on my son’s case a lot over his organizational challenges and, to a lesser and more proportional extent, I’ve been on my four year old’s case as well.  Everywhere I look, their clothes are strewn about, their rooms are just straight-up disasters, and their chores have all but been abandoned since we hit the holiday season.


Yes, disorder and madness seem to sum everything up quite nicely, but as I was driving home from dropping my daughter off at preschool today, frustrated by being “late again”, it dawned on me that perhaps the largest reason for their complete rejection of even the idea of organization has everything to do with me.

I try my best here at the house, I really do.  I’m up before 6 during the week, and don’t often get a chance to sit down for the night until after 10.  I have, what I feel, is a wonderful balance of work and quality time with each of my three, but I’m now wondering:

Just what might happen if I got my own self organized?  
Would the kids follow suit?  

I mean, after all, I often hear them repeating things I’ve said or done (all good things, thankfully!).  Wouldn’t it then stand to reason that if I got myself in gear that they just might do the same?

I look around this home and yes, while I may work my butt off, it definitely doesn’t show in terms of the final home product.  I’ve been fine with that, for the most part, because I know where my time has been spent.  These kids of ours…these blessings…are happy, healthy, well-adjusted children, who are given the time they need and know how to play and love on their family and, most importantly, God.

I know that the house taking the fall 
in favor of time with the kids has been the right choice, 
but what if there was a better way to spend my dedicated housework time?
I don’t want or need a rigid schedule in my life, but as I take a look around and see our stairs lined sometimes nearly to the top with projects and whatnot…as I go to put the Christmas decorations away and realize that I never even fully put all the Fall ones back…and as I hesitantly cast a glance toward the kitchen sink and see the dishes pouring from it and out onto our counter top, I can’t help but think that organization just might be my friend.

So I’ll conduct myself a little experiment here:  While I will continue to work on my kids’ skills, I think I’ll add working on my own to the mix and see how it impacts them.

I think I already know the outcome here.

There was a book I had downloaded onto my phone nearly a year ago by Crystal Paine called Say Goodbye to Survival Mode.  I only made it to chapter four.  I think I’ll start there and see what happens.

What about you?  Have you mastered organization or are you more like me?  
Any life hacks for keeping your home and your family organized?  
As I fill out my daughter’s preschool tuition payment five days late, 
I’m thinking I could use any advice you care to give!
*Featured image by Geralt via Pixabay

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