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Slumber Party First & Watching Life Come Full Circle

With my son now 9, the number of milestones I find myself writing in that cherished baby book of his have definitely slowed to less than a snail’s pace.  Tonight though, I find myself filled with nostalgia and amazement…tonight was his first overnight with friends.  Thankfully, the kids all stayed here…one step at a time, mind you…but it was still a milestone, nonetheless!


I just find my mind reeling over the fact that am on the other side of these overnights.  How did I go from that giggling little girl being told once again that it was time to settle down to now being the one delivering the direct order?!  I mean, seriously, what is going on here? How is this even possible?  I still remember those nights with my friends…the candy and movies and secrets and prank phone calls (don’t even think about it boys!)…
What about you?  What childhood memories have come full circle in your own life?

For me, my own slumber party memories are still so special and sweet and have very much become an integral part of who I am today.

So hard to believe it’s my son’s turn now…may his memories be just as sweet and life changing…

Goodnight, my beautiful boy.  I love you more than you could possibly know…


**Featured image by Pexels via Pixabay

Kay Kathleen

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