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Staying Calm When Your Children Are Sick  

In all my experiences in life thus far, there is nothing that’s been more physically, mentally and emotionally taxing as the role of “Mom”, but there’s also been nothing more rewarding!  While some days may indeed feel like smooth sailing, there’s also others that really test and try and define you as both a parent and a wife…

One of those days was yesterday for me.

Walking through the door after running errands, I saw my baby girl slumped over on her father’s chest, crying out in pain…That’s not something I’ll be forgetting anytime soon, try as I might!

Whether it was from something she picked up during her 18 month check-up or the vaccination itself, my baby girl was SICK!  Within the small window I had been away for, she’d gone from a low-grade fever to a full-blown one.

Let me tell you, watching those numbers climb so quickly on the thermometer and praying they’d soon stop…it can bring any parent from calm to sheer panic in an instant!

…..Unfortunately, we’ve all been there…
and when it’s your turn..everything just seems like it’s  happening in slow motion, doesn’t it?

That thermometer…..I thought it would never beep..and the helplessness I felt as I held my now weeping child…it was more than overwhelming.
Amidst it all though, I caught a glimpse of where my mind’s eye should be…
Rather than engaging in a sudden, 
albeit brief, shouting match with my also scared husband…
my eyes needed to find their rest in God.  

That’s the only way I was going to be able to see clearly and make the right choices.

My husband and I quickly regrouped, but my initial reactions just say so much about where I am on the Path with God and what He would like to work on with me next.  I don’t know about anyone else, but I’d like for my responses to be about a steady peace amidst the storm.

Still, amidst my imperfections, 
I’m so grateful to know that God still loves me…
…that He accepts me and receives me just the way I am…
…but that He also loves me too much 
to let my imperfections become my permanent home.

Our girl is much better today…

We are still doing a bit of this:

(and may I speak on both our behalves and say “NO THANKS!” to that thermometer!!)

But my eyes are now doing a lot more of this:
Psalm 10:17  You hear, O Lord, the desire of the afflicted;
you encourage them and listen to their cry.
..So thankful for His healing strength upon her…
and so thankful for His work within me.

What about you?  Got something that’s keeping your eyes from where they really need to be?

My eyes are ever on the LORD, 
for only He will release my feet from the snare.

Psalm 25:15 (NIV)

Image by Steve Schlange via Free Images

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