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5 Genius Ways To Teach Your Kids The Real Meaning Of Easter

I wish this weren’t true, but I feel like I’ve dropped the ball with Easter in the past.  

Don’t get me wrong, I most certainly make sure that the kids understand Jesus is the reason behind Easter, but I feel like I could drive it home a little better.  Does anyone else feel like this?

This year, I’m determined to teach my kids with everything I’ve got!

I want more Lamb than bunny in this house, do you know what I’m saying? I have nothing against the tradition of Easter egg hunts and Easter baskets or even the Easter bunny, for that matter.  In fact, we will be partaking in all of the above around here.  I just want, with all of my heart for Jesus to be in the spotlight of my children’s hearts for this (& every day).

Yes, they’ll love their Easter candy! 

Yes, they’ll love the Easter Bunny’s shenanigans! 

I just want their YES! for Jesus to be their greatest “Yes” of all!

If you’re looking to bring the same vibe to your Easter Day, check out what these 5 genius ways to teach your kids the real meaning of Easter:

 These Empty Tomb Biscuits, right here, are absolutely happening at my house!  My oldest will think it’s cool, my younger two will be positively astounded by the disappearing marshmallow, and an awesome lesson will be taught about how Jesus rose from the dead!  Katie’s Crochet Goodies and Crafts, thank you!  I love it!

 This next one is both simple and involves candy!  I mean, what kid wouldn’t sit and listen for a jelly bean?!  They will, at least, at our house (well, kind of)!  I’m planning to hand them out as I’m reading the poem…and, if I know my husband at all, I’m pretty sure he’ll be sitting in on this lesson too, eagerly awaiting his jelly bean treats!  Thank you for the idea, Rachel Wojo!

 When it comes to crayons, age doesn’t matter in this house!  We all love to color!  If your family is much the same as ours, head on over to Best Coloring Pages for Kids.  Here, they’ve got quite a selection of Easter printables!  I often find that just casually mentioning Jesus here and there, amidst an activity, is when my kids hear me the most!

 What do a candle, a penny, and blue water have to do with Easter?  Another Day in the Ministry has an amazing way to visually explain how Jesus takes away our sin.  You’ve got to see this! (Just make sure you read the comment section on this blog before you start.  There are a few helpful pointers there to ensure this lesson is a success!)

 This last one comes from what I’ve learned in the Bible.  There are no fancy pictures for this (sorry!), but it’s impact is the most profound of all.

Are you ready for it?

Just talk with your kids. Yup, that’s it.  It doesn’t have to be this big fancy sit-down type thing.  Just add little snippets of Christ here and there, throughout your day.  Talk to them, wherever you can, whenever you can (and spoiler alert, it doesn’t have to be just on Easter!).  These kids need to know about Christ, and not just in the days before Easter, but in the day-to-day of their every day lives.  Speak about Easter.  Speak about their lives and Whom their purpose is for.  It’s all connected in one beautifully astounding love story written by our Creator.

Teach them to your children,

talking about them when you sit at home

and when you walk along the road,

when you lie down and when you get up.  Deuteronomy 11:19


Do you have a unique way of teaching your kids about Christ during Easter (or anytime, for that matter)? 

Tell me more in the comments below!

If you’re still looking for ways to teach your kids about Easter, you’ll find more great ideas over on my Easter Know-How Board!

**Featured image by congerdesign via Pixabay.

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  1. […] feel strongly about implementing Jesus into Easter wherever I can (you can read why here).  With that in mind, we will definitely be doing this Cross craft for Easter this year!  I love, […]

  2. Channon Gray says:

    I enjoyed this. As someone who desires to be a Primary School teacher to younger children this post contained some GREAT ideas!

    1. Thanks so much!! My kids and I did the empty tomb rolls and I was floored by how much they took in!

  3. Anonymous says:

    I sure do love my jelly beans and I love you and what you do for me and our children. We are so blessed. Thanks again for my jelly beans. So, so good

  4. Great ideas! We really try to stay focused on the Easter story as opposed to bunnies, candy, etc. Today I’ll read to my girls about the Crucifixion and we’ll make “stained glass” crosses as a craft. I think simple things really help get the message across.

    1. I love that! We’re trying those resurrection rolls over here today. I’ve been wanting to do them for years! Hoping it makes a good connection for them! Happy Easter to you and your family!

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