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The Bliss of Living A “Bottom of the Coffee Pot” Kind of Life  

We are a “bottom of the coffee pot” kind of family.
Doesn’t really sound like the kind of label anyone would want to wear, but I’m especially proud of this one…

Every Wednesday night, my family and I rush across town to our church.  It’s group night there, and all of our activities begin promptly at 6:30.

I’ve seriously tried everything I can think of to get us there on time (including dinner in the car!), but no matter what I do, we are always late.  For the last 2 months, each and every Wednesday, my family and I arrive after everything has already started.  Week after week, without fail, we sheepishly check in our younger two while my eyes dart around, quickly scoping out the scene to see whether there could possibly be another family arriving after us.

A little camaraderie, perhaps?

Usually, there is not.  
It’s just us.  

Last night, we were especially late.

After hurrying to get the kids to their rooms, my husband and I dashed to the coffee table, hoping for a little caffeine to keep our minds alert and our eyes open after putting in a hard day’s work.

Once again, I held our cups while my husband tipped the coffee urn forward, each of us hoping for enough to fill our containers!  While laughing at the fact that here we are, once again, tipping that pot, hoping for the parts of the coffee that no one really wants, it dawned on me:

This is where I want to be, tipping the pot with my husband.  
We work so hard.  
We try our best.  
We’re giving this life everything we’ve got for our King. 

Right now, it’s true, we’re a “bottom of the coffee pot” kind of family, but I know that neither of us would trade it for the world.  Some day, when our kids are grown and life slows down, I’m sure we’ll be receiving first fruits from that coffee pot, while some other family comes lagging behind for their own burnt drops of coffee, but I’m in absolutely no hurry for it.

I drink in full my burnt coffee, knowing that I have got the best of it all…with my life and heart for my God, and my mission and purpose for Him, His Kingdom, and my family.

Thank You, Lord, for the bottom of the pot coffee that my husband and I drink from on the regular.  I pray, Oh Lord, that we will always be grateful for these cups You have us drink from, and that we never ever forget the precious reasons we drink from this particular part of the well.  Thank You for our blessings, Lord.  They are worth every precious bit of burnt coffee we pour into our cups…because of You, that burnt coffee tastes like the sweetest, richest flavor of all.  Praise You, my King.  I love You with all that I am.  
In Jesus’  Precious Name, Amen.
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