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Top 5 Kid Crafts & Memory Makers for Father’s Day

The Blessing of a Father x 3

I’ve got three amazing father types in my life.  (Even just saying that makes me feel incredibly blessed!)

The first, for me, is God the Father, Who couldn’t be any more perfect (no, seriously!).

The second to bless my life is my own Dad, whose love, faithfulness, and hard-work ethic set the bar incredibly high for that man I would someday marry.

The third father in my life is my husband, who has completely astounded me in every way.  Babe, I could not have dreamed up a better husband for myself and father for our children than you!

What to Do for Father’s Day

I think it’s pretty clear that I’ll be needing to bring my A-game for Father’s Day:  Not only will I need to pull together some amazing crafts for the kids to do, but I’ve also got to start thinking of crafts and ideas for myself as well!

Before we take this any further, let me just address one reader in particular:  Babe, this is where you exit.  No really, you’ve got to go!  I’ve got some very important (yet secret) Father’s Day things to share, and I can’t have you spoiling your own surprises!  

For the rest of you, take a look at these “Top 5 Kid Crafts & Memory Makers for Father’s Day”!


  Grab the tissues, guys, because this one’s a real tear jerker.  The baseball is just flat-out amazing, but it’s the poem that puts me over the edge!  Sunny Day Family, I love it!

  This next one takes a bit of thought and a bit of planning, and I love that it does!  When it comes down to it, Father’s Day (& Mother’s Day too!) isn’t about the gift given so much as it is about the time taken to reflect on the love and character of its recipient.  The fact that the gift itself is awesome is just a wonderful, wonderful by product!  Thriving Home Blog, THANK YOU!

  This next one has got my youngest written all over it.  My little boy has a tremendously fond affection for any type of rock there could ever be.  I can’t think of a better way for him to wish his dad a Happy Father’s Day than this!  CBC Parents, thank you!  Both my husband and my son will love this!



  If you’re feeling burnt out from the whole crafting scene, why not trade in the hand- or footprint for a memory?  Parenting the Principal has got the right idea, for sure!  What about setting up the backyard for a camping trip with Dad?  I’m certain that my husband would be blown away by the sentiment of it all!  What a wonderful way to make a memory…especially if s’mores are involved!

  This next one has intrigued me for years now!  How cool would it be to go geocaching for Father’s Day?  Not sure how to do it?  Frugal Mom, Eh! will lead the way!


Need More Ideas?  Check Out My Boards!

  And there you have it, my Top 5 Kid Crafts & Memory Makers for Father’s Day!  I’m really excited this year!  Doing this Father’s Day post ahead of time leaves me feeling a couple steps ahead of my normal routine…you know, the one where I try to figure out what I’m doing that Friday before!

If you like what you see here but are still uncertain of your Father’s Day craft and gift plans, check out these Boards for extra ideas:

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What’s Your Plan?

What about you?  Do you have your “Top 5” for Father’s Day?  What crafts and memories will you be making for Father’s Day this year?  Leave me a note in the comments!  I’m always looking for more things to pin!



**Featured image by dagon via Pixabay




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