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Bullying: When the Heart Breaks the Hardest

Tonight, I sit with so much emotion on my aching heart.

Parenthood, in and of itself, is a crash course in every topic under the sun…I’m not telling anyone anything new there!

No matter how much you may read on the topic,

books just don’t prepare you for this stuff…

They couldn’t possibly!

Not for the joy you’ll feel when they take their first steps,
or say their first words…

…not for that first day of Kindergarten
or their first sleepover…

…and certainly not for the heartache you’ll feel as you watch your little boy cry himself to sleep at night….

They don’t talk about the anger you’ll feel
as you hear the name your son was called at school that day…

They don’t explain to you the helplessness you’ll encounter as your sweet-hearted one…the one you taught gentleness and kindness and tenderness to…recants the cruelty that he’s confronted not just that day but for the days prior as well… …

No, no, those books, with their pinks and their blues 

that you read in those beautiful days of expectancy…

they just don’t prepare you for that..

Though, as I write, there is a Book I know…the only One that can provide solace…not just to my broken heart, but to my son’s as well.

He heals the brokenhearted 

and binds up their wounds.

Psalm 147:3


Please pray…

…not just for my little boy,

but for every child who has ever had their heart broken…

…for every child who goes to sleep at night wondering,

 “Will they talk to me tomorrow?  

Will somebody be my friend?”   

Kay Kathleen

I write about my life's core: Jesus & my faith, my family, and the struggles I have met along the way. I figure...I hope...that if exposing my life and it's lessons learned can encourage even one person, this blog and all the hours I have spent behind this computer will have been more than worth it.

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